Rui Diogo, Ph. D.

Principal Investigator

Rui is the principal investigator of the Visible Ape Project (NSF-BCS 1856329). To learn more about Rui's lab and work as a researcher and disseminator, please visit the following links:

Nicole Barger, Ph. D. 

Project Manager

Nicole is the project manager. She is a biological anthropologist who endeavors to utilize her experience in comparative anatomy, neuroscience, and mental health to increase public engagement with and recognition of the importance of great apes.

Marli Richmond

Visual Designer

Marli is the Visual Media Designer for the Visible Ape Project. She is a biological anthropologist and artist who specializes in portraiture, illustration, graphic design and education-based media development.


Eve K. Boyle, Ph. D.

Project Manager 2019-2020

Eve was the project manager for the Visible Ape Project in its first year. She is a biological anthropologist with over six years of experience in comparative anatomy research, science communication, and public engagement.

Latonya Aaron

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Latonya Aaron is a biology major at Howard University from Brooklyn, New York. As an undergraduate research assistant for the VAP, she helped to create the glossary and species info pages. She is also involved in K-12 outreach efforts for the VAP. Latonya is expected to graduate in May 2021 and is interested in epidemiology in both animals and humans.

Carol E. Underwood

Scientific Illustrator

Carol is an artist specializing in scientific illustration. She provided illustrations of the orangutan musculoskeletal system. Carol holds a degree in biological anthropology, and is co-author and illustrator of the book Ape Anatomy and Evolution.

Julia L. Molnar, Ph. D.

Professor of Anatomy 

Julia provided illustrations for the Visible Ape Project. She is a comparative morphologist and medical illustrator who has created illustrations and animations for textbooks, manuscripts, popular science publications, and museum exhibits.

Alexander Průcha

Ph.D. Candidate

Alexander dissected specimens for the Visible Ape Project and helped to process 3D models. 

Erin Adams

MD Candidate 2021

Erin dissected specimens for the Visible Ape Project.

José Saúl Martín

MSc Student

Saúl provided 3D illustrations for the Visible Ape Project. He is a biologist and scientific illustrator with experience in biological and anatomical illustrations for papers, guides, and scientific communication projects.

Laura Martínez-Íñigo, Ph.D.

Lab Coordinator, Postdoctoral Researcher

Laura provided Spanish translations of the educational materials and helped coordinate school visits in the DC area. She is a primatologist with vast fieldwork experience.

Josep Potau, Ph.D


Professor, Dep. Anatomy & Embryology, Univ. Barcelona

Félix de Paz, Ph. D.

Bernard Wood, Ph. D.

Professor of Anatomy 

University Professor of Human Origins

Professor, Dep. Anatomy, Univ. Valladolid

Professor, Dep. Anthropology, GWU

Francisco Pastor, Ph. D.

Professor of Anatomy 

Professor, Dep. Anatomy, Univ. Valladolid

Tah-jai Sharpe

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Boyani Moikobu

Research Assistant

Boyani Moikobu is a biology major at Howard University. As a research assistant for the VAP she participated in a soft tissue dissection of a preserved chimpanzee and assisted with the creation of the species info pages. Boyani is graduating from Howard in May 2021 and is interested in pursuing degrees in public health and epidemiology.

Chris Spohn


@artjerk on Twitter

Alana Kravitz

MD Candidate

Alana dissected specimens for the Visible Ape Project.

Hannah Newey

Medical and Scientific Illustrator

Carina Phillips

Royal College of Surgeons

Carina is Head of Museum Collections at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.  She is an osteoarchaeologist and museum curator, and is currently researching the specimen collections of primatologist W. C. Osman Hill as part of a PhD with UCL and the Natural History Museum, London. She has provided some CT scans of these specimens for the Visible Ape Project.





The Visible Ape Project is funded by NSF grant #1856329.

For inquiries or contributions please send us an email at: