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Keep up to date with the latest news, events and releases from the Visible Ape Project.


Summer 2023: Visible Ape Project in remote rural and forest areas of Laos

Rui Diogo went to remote rural and forest areas of Laos


Summer 2022: Visible Ape Project in remote rural and forest areas of Rwanda, Uganda, and Gabon

Rui Diogo went to remote rural and forest areas of Rwanda, Uganda and Gabon


Visit to Lagos Center of Ciencia Viva in Portugal

Rui Diogo went to Portugal to undertake outreach activities for the Visible Ape Project, including activities with kids at the Lagos Center of Ciencia Viva, talks about human evolution, and the 3D printing of the 3D ape models that were used for those activities in Portugal and that will also be used in Uganda and Rwanda for outreach activities within rural communities and schools.


Visit to Denver and Philadelphia

Dr. Nicole Barger recently visited Denver and Philadelphia to share the Visible Ape Project with biological anthropologists and anatomists at the meetings of the American Association of Biological Anthropologists and American Association of Anatomists.

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Published in a Portuguese Newspaper -Jornal de Noticias

Access anatomical information collected by an international and multidisciplinary team composed of researchers and students from the fields of anatomy, anthropology, and biology focused on evolution. The Visible Ape Project, a project funded by the US agency National Science Foundation (NSF), aims to raise awareness in the community about the enormous similarities between the anatomy of humans and endangered apes. Read more


3D Printing of Visible Ape Project Modals for Kids

We are currently in the process of building 3D models that will open up fun and interactive learning curves that would normally take years to traverse. Stay tuned for updates on this existing new initiative. 

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Check out our article about VAP in Evolutionary Anthropology

We are honored to publish our first paper describing the VAP in this top anthropology journal. A detailed walkthrough of our site, our project, and the apes profiled. Download PDF | Read more


VAP Researchers publish article on human muscle variations and anomalies

Principal investigator Rui Diogo and postdoctoral researcher Eve Boyle published an article in a special collection of Current Molecular Biology Reports. Their article summarizes what we know about the muscles that are typically present in the apes but are only present in humans as variations or anomalies. The article features an original anatomical illustration by Vondel Mahon. Read more


le Scienze publishes article on the VAP

Science journalist Sara Mohammad writes about the history, educational impact, and future of the Visible Ape Project in the Italian edition of Scientific American. Read more

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University of Barcelona celebrates VAP launch

University of Barcelona published an article celebrating the contributions of faculty member Josep. M Potau to the Visible Ape Project. Read more


University of Aveiro celebrates VAP launch

University of Aveiro published an article celebrating the contributions of current student, Saul Martin, and past student, Rui Diogo, to the Visible Ape Project. Read more: English | Portuguese


Valladolid University celebrates VAP launch

Valladolid University published an article celebrating the contributions of its faculty and researchers to the Visible Ape Project. Read more


VAP Scientists at NMNH 'The Scientist is In' Series

Visible Ape Project Team Members Eve Boyle and Laura Martinez-Inigo present as a part of the National Museum of Natural History's 'Scientist Is In' Program series. Read more

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New VAP E-Learning Content Release

The Visible Ape Project just released new lesson plans and learning activities! Check them out on our Educator Resources page,  

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