Artist rendered reconstruction of gibbon head and neck anatomy created by José Saúl Martín. Numbered muscles on the reconstruction correspond to the list of numbered muscles to the right of the model. Download this model.


1. Buccinatorius

2. Depressor anguli oris 

3. Depressor labii inferioris 

4. Depressor septi nasi 

5. Depressor supercilii 

6. Frontalis 

7. Digastricus anterior 

8. Digastricus posterior 

9. Levator labii superioris 

10. Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi 

11. Levator claviculae

12a. Masseter, deep head 

12b. Masseter, superficial head 

13. Mentalis 

14. Mylohyoideus 

15. Occipitalis 

16a. Omohyoideus, inferior head 

16b. Omohyoideus, superior head 

17. Orbicularis oculi

18. Orbicularis oris 

19. Scalenus anterior 

20. Scalenus medius + posterior 

21. Splenius capitis 

22a. Sternocleidomastoideus, clavicular head 

22b. Sternocleidomastoideus, sternal head 

23. Sternohyoideus 

24. Temporalis

25. Trapezius 

26. Zygomaticus major 

27. Zygomaticus minor